Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bluegrass in the Background

My parents were in town.  I hadn't seen them for almost a year.  Everyday was wonderful, and it felt like sunshine and blackberry jam.  My parents love have no idea how much my heart grows each time I hear them say how thankful they are for him.  I dreamed of such things...and they are now my reality.  God still blesses his prodigal children...I am living proof.

Life has been really good.  Busy, yet calm, beautiful weather and fantastic weekends.  I pray that God leads me to blog more when life is sweet tea and bluegrass playing in the background.  So much of my words were sad and lonely, and now that God has healed me and showered His mercy and grace...I need to praise Him in these days of bright floral patterns and old farmer sinks.  He deserves my prayers with tears and my praise with laughter.  He deserves all of my words, for He recreated the soul that they flow from.

Currently, Husband and I are in our newly painted dining room.  He is playing his acoustic guitar, and Tuggb is laying at his feet, while Soren is asleep on a pillow in the next room.  I have no idea were Scout is...she gets a little crazy around this time of night.  I'm just taking it all in.  Summer is almost here.  With its pink lemonade and the smell of miracle grow in the breeze.  I'll tell y'all right now...if you miss the small things in will not understand any big thing this world has to offer.

I'm still dreaming of that someday country life.  With more chickens, children running through tall grass, and my favorite pair of cowgirl boots at the back door.  All the while, these days with in the city with loud city noises and not so sweet air at times...I will not wish them away for anything.  Because they were gifted to us, by the Almighty God.  

I want to send out a huge thanks to my parents.  Poppie and Ma Mere, you have once again shown more love and support that leaves me with an ache in my heart, for you are once again 11 hours away.  I love that you love our home.  It brings me such joy to see you comfortable here.  It brings me such pure happiness that you love our style.  Poppie, I love that you love Soren and talk about him more than me sometimes.  Ma Mere, I love that I can still smell your "sweet mom smell" here in our house.  Thank you for all that you did for Husband and I.  Thank you for spending time with our family.  Thank you for loving us so deeply.

Thank you for these perfect antique egg baskets. I love them more every day.

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Jeanne said...

And one day in the distant future, you will know the feeling of being a Mom too. And you will realize the joy that is overflowing in my heart for both you and Joshua. The love of a child that God blesses us with is so deep and pure. I'm so happy you have gotten to the place where you realize and cherish the "little things" in life. They are pure joy and make the bigger things more wonderful.