Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Living Life

I'm always saying to myself that if I forget to live, life may pass me by.  That is a fear of mine, that I focus to much on what should be done that I dismiss what God has already completed.  The balance between keeping house and keeping a home is something I always struggle with.  I do not know how my sister does it.  I do not envy her, I adore her.  She simply is just a wonderful woman.  She sees beauty in things that others are blind to.  She sees potential in objects that others tear down.  She is an artist in her own merit, although sometimes I think she doesn't see the beauty, potential, and artistry in herself...and she is all those things and more.  I'm sure you also have people in your life that inspire you to become more of who God created you to be.  She is one of those people in my life.  Husband is another.  My brother is one more.  These people are so different, but they have drive...and it gives me strength in my wings when my life's dreams feel too heavy.

I love this blog, and I have not been acting like it.  I've let life get in the way, I've let myself get in the well as excuses, self pity, lack of commitment, laziness, and pure frustration have all had their part in the past months.  

The good news is that I'm writing today, and I have a hope in my heart that I will write again sooner than later.  

This is a simple picture.  Its a picture of my kitchen window sill.  All of these glasses cost me only 50  And I've only taken a picture of half of them.  God is good.  I've thought about filling a lot of these, and some of them are...but I can't get past the beauty of their simplicity.  

Life has been frustrating.  I could go into detail, but I will not.  Husband has been my anchor.  He has been my helper.  My sanity.  My reality.  My ...everything I needed in every moment.  All husbands have a tall order: to love their wives as Christ loves His church...and I want to say that in these days after days of raw frustration on my end...Husband has done just that.  Loved me like Christ.  It humbles me, it keeps me going, it changes me to become more like Christ myself.  

...And that is what a 'living' life is all about.

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Ash said...

Your words are beautiful, YOU have talent in so many different aspects of life. You move me as I read the words that flow from your soul. You are so sincere and loving. A great sister that I am lucky to have. Love you on this day and everyone to come! xoxo